Guy meets girl, things get hairy in ‘A Guy Thing’

Zack Sparks

The filmmakers behind “A Guy Thing” don’t waste any time explaining what their movie is about.

The title says it all.

“A Guy Thing” is a by-the-book romantic comedy that sometimes beats itself in the head with the same old romantic-movie clich?s, but that doesn’t keep it from being a relatively humorous movie.

Paul (Jason Lee) is engaged to the love of his life, Karen (Selma Blair), a control freak. The morning after his bachelor party, Paul wakes up with a carefree ditz named Becky (Julia Stiles) in bed with him. Things get even more complicated when he learns that Becky is his fiancee’s cousin.

Most of the movie consists of Paul’s madcap adventures in trying to keep Karen — and her family — from discovering what happened with Becky. Throw in Becky’s psychotic police officer ex-boy friend who begins stalking Paul and Paul’s creepy older brother who cannot stop ogling Karen, and a lot of crazy mishaps ensue. In the end, Paul must choose for himself which girl he truly loves.

The cast does a great job with the roles they have been handed. The flaws in their characters are primarily the fault of the writing, which leaves much to be desired.

This movie had the potential of being really good — the concept alone lends the viewer a chuckle. But the screenwriters seemed intent on making their story and script barge into every single romantic-comedy clich?, so you feel as though you have seen it all before.

There’s the long, thoughtful drive where our fearless hero has to decide whether or not he is in love with Karen or Becky.

There’s the boring speech at the end where Paul professes his love for one of the two. And although I’m not going to tell you how this one ends, you can probably guess, even before you see the movie.

While other romantic-comedies seem to focus on the first word of that tandem, “A Guy Thing” reverses the term, almost creating a “comedic-romance.” That’s what makes the movie more accessible to a male audience. Guys can really relate to Paul’s situation in the movie.

Overall, “A Guy Thing” is a good movie that’s worth watching for a laugh. But you’ll more than likely be able to spot all the curves in the road.

Grade: B-

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