Magic concrete markers

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I found a little present from the WKU police on my car a few days ago. When I discovered it, I was more than a little shocked. This was mostly due to the fact that I had been looking for a parking space for 20 minutes and nearly sang with joy when I had found an open spot that had a concrete wheel stop. I’ve gotten a ticket before for not having one, so I’m really careful about it now. I was further shocked when my ticket said “no concrete marker” on it. I put my stuff in the back of my car and looked down at my front wheels. Sure enough, they were still resting against the same concrete marker that they had been that morning. I asked others if they could see the concrete marker as they passed. All of them could see it. I kicked it, to see if it was merely a mirage of some sort. It seemed rather solid to me, so I inspected it closer. Perhaps it could be made of plastic or wood instead of concrete, thus explaining this mysterious “no concrete marker” ticket. Alas, it was in fact both there and made of concrete. I would not normally question the IQs of our campus ticket writers, but this seems a little off to me. My only explaination is that it must have been a new magic concrete marker that dissapears when any law enforcement agent is nearby. Why else would I have been given a ticket when there was clearly a slab of concrete under my front bumper? My only other explainations would not be polite enough to share with the public. In an effort to keep this sort of thing from happening to others, I feel that all persons who are given the authority to write parking tickets should have to pass a series of tests. These would of course involve a vision check as well as identifying pictures of concrete wheel stops. At the moment, I’m not sure if all of our current ticket writers would pass.