Herald is fair to SGA

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After reading Scott Jaggers letter to the editor on 10/8/02 I decided I had to respond. I was a SGA Congress member for three semesters as well as a former candidate for Executive-Vice President. I am currently serving as a Justice on SGA’s Judicial Council as well as the Vice-Chair of the Legislative Research Committee. I want to thank the Herald for the resources it puts into SGA, especially for providing us with a reporter and plenty of publicity. During the four semesters I have been involved in SGA I have read far more fair balanced stories about SGA than ‘bashing’. I do not always agree with what the Herald reports, however I realize that the Herald is run by students and is not perfect. All of my colleagues should realize that criticism is a function of a free press and that there is a lot of constructive criticism that comes from the Herald. SGA is not, and should not be, above criticism. SGA needs to focus on representing the students on campus and doing so requires thick skins. I would like to address two other comments made by Mr. Jaggers. To begin with, losing track of 8,000 dollars is a big deal. That money is gone and there is no money for a Gazebo. The budget for SGA can roll over year to year, which is why SGA received 8,000 dollars back from the 2000-2001 school year to build the Gazebo and then ‘accidentally’ spent it