A thousand words beyond the Hill

Henrik Edsenius

Andy Lambirth is one of the happiest hunters in Western Kentucky. Lambirth recently brought home the biggest trophy of his life, a 246-pound deer, a trophy any hunter would be proud of.

But what makes Lambirth’s trophy so amazing is the story behind it.

The deer was shot in the last hours of the season, as Lambirth hunted with his father for the last time ever.

“The thing that I really remember about this is that it was the last time me and my dad did anything. After that, he passed away in a heart attack,” Lambirth said. “I believe God sent that deer out to me.”

Lambirth has been hunting for 17 years, and it took him 15 years to kill the deer that he wanted.

Bringing the deer home from the taxidermist means so much more than just displaying a fine trophy on his wall, though. It is a memory of his last hunting trip with his father.

“I don’t plan on winning the Super Bowl, I don’t plan on playing in the NBA finals, but to me, this is just as good as anything else,” he said.