SGA, administrators to discuss parking problems at forum

Beth Sewell

Concern and confusion may inspire solutions today as the Student Government Association invites students to voice their opinions about campus parking.

SGA will hold a forum today at 4 p.m. in DUC Theatre where Gene Tice, vice president of Student Affairs and Campus Services, will open the floor to hear feedback from students about actions taken by the university to enhance parking.

“If (students) come here just to complain, it’s not going to be helpful,” Tice said. “What I want to know is where they live, where they park and what we can do to make it better.”

SGA president Jamie Sears is counting on a crowd of students to attend in order to make the information widely accessible. She plans on keeping the forum positive and constructive.

“I hope that students focus on what avenues we’re taking to better equip us for the future,” Sears said.

Randy Deere, co-chair of the Parking and Transportation Committee, said the solution to the parking problem can be found in the shuttle system.

“We increased the shuttle service, we have a new express shuttle now, . and we’re in the process of purchasing a new bus,” Deere said.

Deere said the university is constantly looking for better ways to increase parking on campus, but he said Western is trying to stay away from building a new parking structure.

He said the cost of a new parking structure would be $10,000 per parking space. He said the university is also trying to avoid taking up more “green space” on campus.

Deere said he is looking forward to the forum and hopes that students will come and share their ideas.

“We’re taking time out to explain where we’ve been and where we want to go,” Deere said. “If students have concerns or questions, bring them up.”

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