Parking Forum

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In my opinion, the Herald was wrong for trashing

students who did not attend the parking forum

assembled for the student body.

Parking IS a major issue on this campus. However, the

forum wasn’t even advertised to the student body until the

day of the event. And even then, it was at 4:00 in the

afternoon. How many students, do you think, had

classes or other plans? How many of those students do

you think were willing to change those plans for an event

they didn’t even know about? I certainly wasn’t going to

miss my Thursday afternoon class for the parking forum

when I had an exam looming.

To advertise this parking forum not even ONE DAY in

advance was a mistake. If it had been given even two or

three days more notice, more than 40 people would have

shown. And why couldn’t the meeting have been held at,

say, 7:00 or 8:00?

Those two issues are just a couple of reasons that 40

people made their opinions known to the parking

committee. I have heard too many people say that

something needs to be resolved with the issue of parking

to think that only 40 people showed up for a forum help

specifically for the purpose of finding a resolution. Give

the students a break. We shouldn’t be blamed for SGA’s

bad advertising methods.