Guild shows art for all majors


When a group of art students approached associate professor Jeff Jensen five years ago about rebuilding the Art Guild, he wasn’t very surprised.

The guild gained popularity in the ’80s, but interest dropped for unknown reasons, Jensen said.

But the idea grew popular again with students in the ’90s. Jensen knew interest in art would never fade completely.

Today, the Art Guild has rebounded from hard times in the ’90s to prosperity. Its membership has grown in recent years.

“There have been 20 to 30 people involved in the past year,” Art Department Head Kim Chalmers said. “A little more or less depending on the activity.”

Any student is welcome in the guild, regardless of their major.

The group participates in a number of activities, including yearly drawing sessions open to all students.

At its meetings, the guild discusses different kinds of art, plans field trips and projects and watches independent movies that normally don’t play at Bowling Green theaters.

One of the newer responsibilities of the Guild is the Cube – a dark room converted to a gallery – located on the fourth floor of the Fine Arts Center.

The Cube holds public showings of work by artists selected by guild members. Elementary school students also tour the art program frequently. Lead by guild members, the students learn about different types of art, including sculptures, paintings, and ceramics.

Jensen became advisor to the guild in the fall of 1998.

While the Art Guild has faculty sponsors, Jensen stresses that it is a student-run organization.

“It is important that the Art Guild be on its own,” he said. “The faculty helps, but does not hinder.”

During Jensen’s first year as an adviser, he helped the group develop its parliamentary procedures and officer positions.

“The students needed help realizing the need for a president and a treasurer,” Jensen said.

He has also helped the students find grants for art projects, procures equipment and provides advice.

“Sometimes I tell them to try (their projects) this way or that way,” he said.

He’s pleased that students are still showing interest in the guild.

“These were very motivated students,” Jensen said. “They wanted to bring the (art) student body together.”

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