OPINION: The best junk foods to keep you going through those finals week


Shane Stryker , Staff Reporter

As finals week marches on, everyone needs to make the proper preparations.

The preparations I am talking about are not those of the likes of studying, but rather what you are going to eat to keep yourself stress-free and mentally stable for the most difficult week of the semester.

As a disclaimer, I’m not going to give you healthy choices to fuel your body, I’m gonna talk about the junk that makes us feel better about potentially bombing our exams.

Option #1: Cookout

Cookout run, anybody?

This is a classic option for college students across America, and what better way to destress for finals than to grab your closest friends and head through that glorious double drive-thru.

I personally recommend the cheese bites, and make sure to get enough cookout sauce to drown your anxieties!

Just be sure to get the required fuel you need for your studies, nothing more, and nothing less.

Option #2: Ice Cream

This is an obvious choice.

There’s no shame in finishing a whole pint of ice cream by yourself as you look upon all the terms, definitions, and concepts you have to know to be a successful student.

However, you might want to stock up with multiple pints if you come to find that there are a LOT that you don’t remember at all.

Hopefully the tears running down your face won’t drip and ruin your ice cream.

Option #3: Great American Donuts

24-hour donuts.

I know that when I heard that there was a place such as GADs so close to campus, it was a major selling point for WKU.

The good people of GADs know their market: stressed out, sleep-deprived college students who would do anything for a sugary treat.

So fit the stereotype and head over to the donut shop that earns its title of “great.”

Option #4: Chips of Your Choosing

I’m giving you some choice on this one because chip preference is a very contentious ordeal and I don’t want to get caught up in it.

However, the fact still stands that chips are one of the greatest stress foods of all time, simply because they are so easy to keep eating and come in a variety of flavors.

You could say that your stomach ingesting chips is as bottomless as that stack of notes that you have to look through.

Be sure to not eat too many, you can’t afford to throw up when you already want to hurl from all the studying you have to do.

Option #5: Candy of Your Choosing

Just like the prior entry, the category of candy is far too broad for me to pick one.

All I know is that you will desire something sweet or sour to get you through finals, and it doesn’t really matter what kind of candy it is.

If you really do care about my opinion then I suggest sour gummy worms, simply because your raw, shredded tongue will be a natural way of preventing you from eating too many.

Unless, of course, you are so stressed that you continue to eat them despite the pain, in which case I don’t think I have the proper qualifications to help you.

Shane Stryker can be reached at [email protected]. Follow him on Twitter @shanestryker.