The Warren County Public Library is hosting events throughout the summer at the Capitol Arts Center


Debra Murray

The Capitol has been a landmark of culture in Bowling Green for over 100 years, and will continue to be with help from the Warren County Public Library.

Debra Murray, Digital News Editor

Having recently taken over the Capitol Arts Center, the Warren County Public Library has announced their summer lineup, which will include movies, music, and many other events throughout the summer.

The Capitol Arts Center has been a big contribution to Bowling Green’s culture for over 100 years. The Capitol was originally a vaudeville house in the late 1890s, then was renamed the Columbia Theatre, and was redesigned as a “movie house” in the mid-1930s renamed the Capitol Theatre which showed movies to generations before closing in 1967.

The events hosted by the library are starting June 3 with the Wulfe Bro. concert. Movie shows will be held every Friday from 6 until 8 PM starting with “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Children’s movies will be held every Monday from 2 until 3:30 PM starting with “Tom & Jerry.” Other events include “Pickin’ in B.G,” a two-day music event, an ACT Jeopardy for high school students, and an event with the founder of the Kentucky Bigfoot research organization, Charlie Raymond.

A list of movies outside of The Capitol that are planned to be shown for free throughout the summer. (Debra Murray)

Ginger Nalley, a staff member at the library, helped organize the events at the Capitol. She said many of the events are similar to events the library has held. She said all movie showings and other events unless otherwise specified are free.

Nalley said the Public Library is still planning to host events at the library, but having the Capitol will allow the library staff to host different types of events.

“We want to encapsulate a bunch of different people with different interests,” Nalley said. “[We are] trying to be open to whatever sounds useful for the city of Bowling Green and fits in with our goals [of] helping people be entertained and educated.”

Throughout the summer, several local authors are going to be discussing their books at the Capitol including Gary West’s “Murders on Youngers Road” and Wes Swietek’s “The Cemetery Road Murders.”

“People here are super interested in those stories,” Nalley said. “Those books are checked out all the time.”

For more information about the events, visit the Warren County Public Library website.

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