A part of Colonnade Drive is permanently closed to become green space


Debra Murray

Colonnade Street was blocked off as fences are being put up around the College Heights Foundations building.

Debra Murray, Digital News Editor

As of today, a portion of Colonnade Drive will be closing permanently to become green space and sidewalks in that area of campus. 

Currently, just a portion of Colonnade Drive will be closed, but other closings will take place to allow for the razing of Garrett and will eventually be closed to all vehicular traffic, according to Bob Skipper, media relations director. An exact timeline has not been established.

In between Colonnade Drive, and College Heights Boulevard, a sign has been posted announcing the permanent closure of that portion of Colonnade Drive. (Debra Murray)

Faculty, staff and students typically are able to park on Colonnade Drive, which has 22 parking spots along the road. Reserved parking will be relocated. Permit holders of FS1 will park in other FS1 zones or other faculty and staff parking, said Skipper.

Further closings will allow the College Heights Foundation building and Garrett Conference Center to be demolished. The College Heights Foundation is now located at the Cliff Todd Center off of Chestnut Street. 

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