Demolition of Tate Page and Garrett Conference Center expected to begin soon


Debra Murray

Demolition should begin on Tate Page in June, and then soon after Garrett Conference Center will be razed. The place where Garrett currently is will become green space.

Debra Murray, Digital News Editor

This summer has ensured many visible changes around the campus. Several buildings will be demolished, and the Commons are planned to open prior to the start of the fall semester. 

Currently, the College Heights Foundation is almost completely demolished. The demolition started on Monday. 

Tate Page will be the next building to be demolished, which should start during the first week of June, according to Bob Skipper, WKU media relations director.

Garrett Conference Center is planned to start being demolished during the second or third week of June, according to Skipper.

“It’s always sad to lose a building,” Skipper said. “It’s ironic that while we’re losing a building, the Helm is getting its third life.”

Prior to becoming a library, Helm Library was WKU’s first basketball arena. The Commons at Helm Library plans to open up for the fall semester. This new addition to campus will feature new dining options, and will provide places for individual and group study sessions. 

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