Global Recap: Afghanistan relief, vaccines in the UK, North Korean missile test, Nigerian prison break


Michael Crimmins, News reporter

There is no shortage of newsworthy topics here in the United States. At times it is easy to get lost in it all, but equally crucial things happen all over the world. They can shed light on political relationships, on humanitarian issues and can keep you up to date on global events.

Here is a quick look at some global events that made the news last week.

One billion raised in aid for Afghanistan

According to an article done by Reuters, the international community raised $1 billion in aid for the Afghani people.

Poverty and hunger has run rampant since the Taliban regained control of the area after the evacuation that was done late last month.

“Past mistakes must not be repeated. The Afghan people must not be abandoned,” Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said in the article.

According to the UN Food Programme, Afghanistan’s food supply could run low, or be entirely depleted, by the end of the month with 93% reported not getting enough to eat already.

Since the takeover, the poverty rate and basic services have collapsed and homelesssness abounds, According to a NY times article

In light of this, the United Nations asked for donations from the international community.

According to the Reuters article, Beijing announced it would send $31 million worth of food and health services, the U.S. pledged $64 million in new assistance and Pakistan also sent aid for the unfreezing of Afghanistan assets abroad.

The UK expands COVID-19 Vaccinations

Britain is expanding their COVID vaccinations to individuals aged 12-15 years old after medical officials said the children would benefit from an undisrupted academic year, according to a Reuters article,

This decision comes as the vaccination rollout has slowed in the country with 81% of all individuals over 16 being vaccinated and a total of 134,000 COVID-19 related deaths.

The chief medical officials recommended that children receive their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, according to Reuters.

The vaccines will most likely be administered in schools with the parents consent, according to the BBC. However, the children can consent on their own if they are deemed competent. 

Reuters reports that other developed nations, like the US and other European countries who have allowed child vaccinations, have pressured the British government to follow.

North Korea fires new long-range missile

Over the weekend North Korea launched its new long range cruise missiles, according to an article done by CNN.

The country’s Academy of Defense said their cruise missiles have been in development for two years.

The United States and South Korea are looking into filing claims in light of this missile test.

“This activity highlights Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s continuing focus on developing its military program and the threats that poses to its neighbors and the international community,” the Indo-Pacific Command said in a statement.

According to a similar article done by NBC, the missiles flew 930 miles before falling into North Korea’s territorial waters.

There have been several UN security councils about ballistic missiles, but, as NBC points out, cruise missiles are not explicitly banned by the UN.

Nigerian Prison Break

Several armed assailants broke into Nigeria’s North Central Kogi State prison on Sept. 12, according to a CNN article.

Currently, it is estimated that 266 inmates escaped during the attack.

A spokesman for the Nigerian Correctional Service told CNN that the assailants “immediately engaged in a fierce gun battle” with facility guards.

CNN reports that one police officer was killed and one was injured during the attack. 

Reuters reported that at the time there were 15 soldiers, 10 police officers and 10 prison guards at the facility.

Francis Enobore told CNN that a “recapture procedure” has been put in place to recapture the escaped convicts. 

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