Women in Business panel hosted for National Women Entrepreneurship Week


Genesis Malone, News reporter

WKU’s Gender and Women’s Studies department held a Women in Business panel Wednesday Oct. 20. 

The panel intends to highlight workplace diversity, equality, leadership, career building and mobility for women in the business sector. 

The panel was moderated by Dawn Bolton, consultant for the People’s Opportunity Program for Underserved Populations. 


Speakers of the panel included Sharon Brawner, president and CEO of the National Corvette Museum, Andee Rudloff, consultant and artist with the Kentucky Arts Council, Amber L. Martin, director of community and business partnerships of Martin Management Group, and Gail B. Martin, CEO of the Martin Management Group. 

“For me, it’s fun being the only woman in the room, I enjoy that challenge, I enjoy that competition,” Brawner said. 

This event was the first time WKU’s Gender and Women’s studies and the Gordon Ford Business department collaborated for a panel discussion. 

The event opened with a brief introduction of all the panelists, following a panel discussion about a range of topics from favorite college memory, being a woman in male-dominated fields and diversity and equality in the workplace and ending with questions about advice from the audience. 

“When a 5’3 woman walks in and I’m getting ready to do a 40-foot mural, they don’t know how I’m going to be capable of doing that,” Rudloff said. “There’s no doubt in whether we will succeed, we’re gonna take whatever they think is possible, and do that and then some.”

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