Health Education and Promotion Center hosts ‘Hallowellness’ event


Georgia Mallett

Chloe Cooper, a graduate assistant at the Office of Sustainability, talks to students about the different services the Office of Sustainability offers at the Hallowellness event at DSU on Thursday.

Alexandria Anderson, News reporter

The Health Education and Promotion center held a Halloween-themed health event called “Hallowellness” on Thursday, Oct. 21 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in DSU 1037. The event mimicked the style of trick-or-treating but encouraged students to learn more about their health and the wellness programs at WKU.

“At Hallowellness, we’re putting on an event to show what free health services we have available on campus for all students,” Avery Nordgren, a public health graduate assistant working with the Health Education and Promotion Center said.

Students received a Hallowellness bingo card when they entered the event, so that they could go to each table, learn about the organization and have the card signed for use in a raffle at the end of the event. Different tables showcased various wellness related groups on campus like Hilltopper Nutrition and the Preston Center and gave out candy and information papers.

“We want to bring awareness to the student body about the services we provide on campus,” Taylor Smith, a fifth year nutrition and dietetics major working with Hilltopper Nutrition said. “We also focus on dorm life, because a lot of students struggle to eat healthy, and we offer advice to students about that.”

The event also brought together some groups that students may not expect to see at a health and wellness event, such as the Office of Scholar Development and the Center for Financial Success.

“Every booth here is connected to wellness in some way,” Chanley Logsdon, a junior finance major and student worker at the Center for Financial Success said. “People think of wellness as just mental or like physical wellness, but it’s a lot of different things. Students don’t think of it right now but it’s important to start getting ahead financially and understanding your personal finances. Financial health is a part of wellness as well.”

The last table for the event was a raffle where students could receive tickets for how many tables they went to. They could then put their tickets in drawings to win $20 gift cards to use at places around Bowling Green.

“Our office coordinated this event as sort of a mini health fair, like a sneak peek of what we have in the spring,” Rachel Merganthal, the Student Wellness Coordinator at the Health Education and Promotion Center said. “It’s really good for students to see what [wellness] resources we have available for them on campus.”

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