Philosophy students host haunted Cherry Hall tour


Georgia Mallett

Abigail Board, plays Zeno, a philosopher from Ancient Greece at the Haunted Philosophy Tour at Cherry Hall on Wednesday Oct. 27, 2021. Board presents Zeno’s philosophy that “movement is imaginary.” Participants were dedicated to the roles they played. Board saying, “Sorry, I don’t have my glasses on. What are glasses? I’m from Ancient Greece.”

Damon Stone, News reporter

The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies hosted the Haunted Philosophy Tour on Wednesday, Oct. 28 showcasing several philosophers throughout history, and the ideals they philosophized. 

Tours of a dozen traveled throughout Cherry Hall, to several classrooms throughout the building, where there were students portraying said philosophers. 

These philosophers included Lao Tzu from China during 600 BCE, portrayed by Zane Maguire, Zeno from Ancient Greece, portrayed by Abigail Board, Anselm of Aosta, Italy, portrayed by Rose Donnelly, Jean-Jacques Rousseau of 18th Century France, portrayed by Austin Roehrich, and Henry David Thoreau of 1800s America, portrayed by Seth Nevin. 

Austin Roehrich performs as Jean Jacque Rousseau, an 18th century Philosopher. Roehrich presents Rousseau’s philosophy of “What separates us from [animals] is reason.” (Georgia Mallett)
Each of them gave a brief insight into their theories and ideas, providing an example for each of them. One example would be with Zeno having a student in the tour guide participate in Zeno’s philosophy, in that there are an infinite number of “midpoints” to get to a conclusion. 

The Philosophy Haunted Tour is a terrific opportunity for our philosophy students to show off what they’ve learned while educating and entertaining, something we professors affectionately call, educating, members of our community,” Audrey Anton, who helped organize the event, said. 

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