5 activities to celebrate Halloween


Chaney’s Dairy Barn hosts their well-known summer “Ice Cream and Moovie” event. Photo provided by Bowling Green Area CVB.

Damon Stone, News reporter

As the time draws closer to Halloween, it can be hard for some to find activities to get you in the spirit of the holiday. Luckily, the region has a wide selection of locations and activities that can scratch that itch for fear.

Skeleton’s Lair:

Located south of Bowling Green on the appropriately named Cemetery Road, Skeleton’s Lair offers multiple different attractions in one location. These activities rotate throughout the years, so that those returning to the park could experience something new. 

In addition to attractions that rotate throughout the year, Skeleton’s Lair offers its patrons more permanent attractions at the park. These include a self-guided walking tour through the woods, a haunted hayride, a 3D experience and a traditional haunted house experience. 

Tickets are available online or in-person with cash, with the last three shows being from this Friday to Halloween itself. 

Their website is https://www.skeletonslair.com/

Chaney’s Dairy Barn:

While not specifically a Halloween attraction, Chaney’s Dairy Barn offers an activity that, for some, could prove to be spooky: a cornfield maze. 

Chaney’s Dairy Barn, besides the corn maze, offers local ice cream and milk, fresh from the farm. They offer tours of the farm itself, with self-guided and group tours being available to those who want to learn about farm life. 

The corn maze itself has been a staple of Chaney’s Dairy Barn for years, and is appropriate for those of all ages. It can certainly be seen as frightful for some, with the uncertainty about where to go in the maze being evident. 

Their website is https://www.chaneysdairybarn.com/

Nashville Nightmare:

Touted as a premier terror destination, Nashville Nightmare offers numerous spooky experiences for its patrons. This year, they have four new attractions for its patrons, each of them with different themes. 

In addition to the main attractions, Nashville Nightmare offers numerous additional experiences for patrons that want to experience more of what they have to offer. These include escape rooms, a laser maze, and a tactical live-action video game-like clown shooting experience.

Nashville Nightmare is organized by Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group, which has several other attractions all over the country. Each location offers unique attractions, different from one another. 

Their website is https://www.nashvillenightmare.com/index.html

Bloody Acres Haunted Woods:

For those who want an authentic spooky experience in the woods, Bloody Acres Haunted Woods delivers such an experience. Located on about 50 acres of undeveloped land, Blood Acres has utilized the space with numerous walking trails with 23 “scare zones.” 

These “scare zones” are areas reminiscent of scenes from horror movies, with actors in each of them, ready to frighten and “star in your nightmares.” 

As the location is mainly outdoor trails, they advise visitors to dress appropriately for outdoor traversal. 

Their website is https://www.bloodyacreshauntedwoods.net/

Devil’s Dungeon: 

Located in Nashville, Devil’s Dungeon has been a popular Halloween destination in the area ever since 1996, when it first opened. It has been rated as one of the top scares in the state of Tennessee. 

It hosts several scenes of horror along its self-guided tour, through its numerous and varied attractions. The establishment was recently renovated, adding many sets, new props and animations from the recently closed Haunted Hell Nashville. 

Devil’s Dungeon showcases different actors each night, changing the experience each time while maintaining the same show. 

Their website is https://slashvillehaunts.com/.

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