4 dorm-safe exercises as colder weather settles in

Alexandria Anderson, News reporter

Winter weather is here at WKU, and that means some students would rather stay in their dorm or apartment all day rather than make the trek in the cold to the Preston Center. This doesn’t mean that your daily exercise has to suffer, howeverthere are plenty of at-home workouts to do when it’s way too cold to get out.


Finding cardio exercises could seem like a challenge when you’re stuck in a dorm with little floor space, but there are still some simple ways to get your cardiovascular system working without a gym.

Jumping jacks are always a good starting point for beginner and more advanced workouts alike because of their simple structure and ability for variation. They can be done anywhere as well because no special equipment or exercise training is needed to do them.

Running or jogging in place is another classic at-home cardio exercise. It can be used as a workout in itself or as a warm-up before more advanced exercises. Even if you don’t really want to exercise, jogging in place can break up the monotony of sitting at a desk. It’s not as intense as if you were running or jogging outside, but if you’re someone who misses daily runs that might not happen because of the cold, this is for you.

Squat jumps are a more intense home workout that may be better suited for those used to cardio. This exercise not only raises your heart rate but also increases power in your legs, as well as strengthens your joints. It should be done during a workout set so that your body is warmed up enough to handle the intensity of the exercise.

Strength Training

Many people think that strength training can only be done with equipment, but there are ways to use your own body weight to workout your muscles without having to go to the gym.

Push-ups are one of the most popular go-to home strength exercises, even if it may be difficult for beginners to properly do the “traditional” push-up. They primarily strengthen triceps, core and back and work best when done with proper form. There are many variations that beginners can do that can help work up tolerance until your regular push-up.

Lunges are a great workout when it comes to strengthening leg and core muscles. This exercise doesn’t require much room and can be done anywhere, anytime – an advantage many look for in at-home exercise. It’s also relatively easy for beginners and provides a good workout for multiple sets of muscles.

Both the winter weather and dorm life in general has caused students to find more quick workouts. Most of these workouts aren’t easily divided into strength and cardio, which provides exercise that students feel benefits them more strongly.

“I really like Russian twists, they’re so simple and easy it gets the job done,” Lacy Mcintosh, a  freshman broadcasting major and athletic coaching minor said. “It’s a good workout, especially for [the] core, and gets leg exercises in as well. You can easily add a weight to it as well.”

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