WKU Student Activities offers two spring break opportunities


Alexandria Anderson, News reporter

WKU Student Activities is hosting two alternative spring break trips for students this school year. 

The trips include to Savannah, Georgia which is service based, and a trip to Washington, D.C., which is a cultural experience.

These trips are opportunities for students to gain cultural experiences in new places and see their impact in different communities. The Savannah trip will cost the student $150, and the Washington trip will cost $400. Both these costs include meals, transportation, lodging and admission to museums and other sites. The Student Activities office has worked to make these trips affordable to students.

Destiny Smith, a graduate student in the student affairs in higher education program and a graduate assistant with Student Activities, is leading the Savannah trip. She explained which students she thinks would benefit the most from the experience.

“For students who value community service and enjoy volunteer work, the Savannah trip will be an amazing experience,” Smith said.

Amelia Kolb, the Student Activities Coordinator of Leadership, Volunteerism and Diversity, is leading the trip to Washington.

“The D.C. trip will be an opportunity for students to experience the U.S. capital and build relationships with other WKU students from across campus,” Kolb said.

Spots on both trips are limited, so students should apply as soon as possible if they are interested. Applications are due Nov. 30, and students can apply here. 

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