‘We’re stressed but we’re together’: Honors Social Planning Board hosts holiday stress buster night


Photo courtesy of Grace Tweedy.

Alexandria Anderson, News reporter

The Honors Social Planning Board hosted a Holiday Stress Buster Night on Wednesday, Dec. 1 at 7:30 p.m. in the HCIC multipurpose room.

Students could participate in holiday cookie decorating, watching a movie and coloring in coloring books. Hot cocoa and holiday snacks were also provided. The goal of the event was to give students a way to blow off steam and relax before finals week.

“We’re definitely trying to build a sense of community within the honors college,” Grace Tweedy, a sophomore studying English for secondary teachers and member of the Honors Social Planning Board said. “We have lots of other events coming up and we have a variety of events throughout the semester. It just gets people together and lets them have fun, relax and meet others in the honors college that they don’t normally see.”

Many students appreciated the hosting of an event like this during the stress before finals week. The specific activities chosen for the event helped with relieving this stress and giving students a way to do things they wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to.

“It just feels really nice to do something that takes our mind off of finals,” Hedy Sanchez, a freshman Spanish major said. “Doing everything like this kind of feels like it’s not college, like we’re back in elementary school. It’s so nostalgic and such a nice break.”

Events like this one attempt to bring together the campus community and show students that there are others that have experiences like them. The Honors Social Planning Board hosts a variety of events like this throughout the semester to continually support students.

“It’s comforting to know that there are other students that are stressed too,” Meg Christensen, a freshman said. “And we can come together and relieve that; we’re stressed but we’re together.”

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