OPINION: Is Insomnia Cookies worth the hype?


Christina West

Christina West, Commentary Writer

Insomnia Cookies is yet another addition to Bowling Green’s repertoire of delicious baked goods. This prompts me to ask: Is it worth the hype? I am here to provide my thoughtful and nuanced opinion as someone who suffers from insomnia, and also loves cookies. 

Entering the storefront, my eyes are welcomed with a royal purple aesthetic. I really enjoyed this choice of color. The “red and yellow makes you hungry” is so overdone. It was nice to see this calming purple for a change. 

Then, it was time to decide on what cookies to order. I felt a surge of panic making this crucial decision, but I decided to go with the basics because if you can’t get the basics right, you’re pretty much doomed. 

I ordered a sugar cookie, chocolate chunk and double chocolate mint. The cookies were all extremely soft, which I do like. However, the cookies were so soft, especially the sugar, that they fell apart when I tried to eat them. If you don’t like that, you can easily fix the problem by waiting a bit to let them cool off. I’m always falling apart, so it wouldn’t be fair for me to judge. 

Overall, the cookies were a great treat. They were not too sweet and had a gooey, chewy texture. My favorite was unequivocally the double mint chocolate. It was the perfect balance of rich chocolate and mint chocolate chips. The mint offset the chocolate without tasting like you squirted a toothpaste worm in your mouth. 

Insomnia Cookies also delivers late at night. Night owls and misanthropes can rejoice over cookies and ice cream! Delivery may be the best option for anyone, though, considering how the parking was on the square. It can be impossible to find a spot on weekends.

So far, I’d give Insomnia Cookies a positive review, but I feel my thoughts are a bit…underbaked, if you will, without having tried their deluxe cookies or cookie ice cream sandwiches. No, this is not just an excuse to go back, okay? I am a professional food reviewer!

Commentary writer Christina West can be reached at [email protected].