‘Like a sisterhood’: WKU student competes in Miss Kentucky pageant

Bailey Reed, News reporter

WKU student Elliana Brooks, a junior nursing major, ran to be Miss Kentucky this past weekend, Feb. 25 and 26. Brooks currently serves as Miss Bowling Green. 

Brooks is originally from St. Louis and moved to Bowling Green to attend WKU after visiting family here. 

She was selected out of many candidates for her spot as Miss Bowling Green in December 2022, but competed in her first ever pageant, Miss Kentucky USA, this past weekend. 

Brooks has always wanted to compete in a pageant, but this is the first time the opportunity has become available to her. 

“I’ve actually never been in a pageant before, but I’ve always wanted to,” Brooks said. “Honestly, I couldn’t afford it. But I was encouraged by a lot of my residents at the nursing home that I work in to apply, and I was lucky enough to have funding to be able to do that.”

Before the upcoming competition, Brooks was feeling both excited and nervous. 

“I’m definitely nervous about the interview portion,” Brooks said. “I can get a bit frazzled and it’s hard for me to gather my thoughts sometimes. I’m most excited for meeting the other girls because it’s on my bucket list actually to meet new people this year. I’ve heard it’s like a sisterhood.”

The Miss Kentucky pageant has been going on since 1935. According to the Miss Kentucky Website, “Today’s Miss Kentucky is a leader in every sense. She is an outspoken advocate, tireless crusader, and energetic fundraiser.”

Considering the history and nature of the event, Brooks was grateful for the opportunity to compete for the Miss Kentucky title.

“It’s all such a big deal,” Brooks said.

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