Modern Languages hosts Arabic calligraphy workshop


Ian Pitchford

Promise Willhite, freshman Biology major, practices Arabic calligraphy at the calligraphy event Feb. 28. 2023 at the Honors College and International Center.

Bailey Reed, New reporter

The WKU Modern Languages department hosted an Arabic calligraphy workshop on Tuesday, Feb. 28 in the Honors College and International Center. 

The workshop was led by Nesma Soliman, a former Fullbright scholar and instructor in the modern languages program.

Students took this opportunity to learn from Soliman about the Arabic language.

Many students attended the event out of excitement.

“My Chinese calligraphy teacher dropped it [the event] in the announcements and I was like, ‘this is cool,’” Savannah Nichols, a freshman psychology major, said.

Additionally, many students were curious about the event. 

Nesma Soliman, Arabic professor, hosts an Arabic calligraphy workshop Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2023, at the Honors College and International Center. (Ian Pitchford)

“I was just curious,” Promise Willhite, a freshman biology major, said.

Students enjoyed learning about the language. 

“It’s great,” Evan Conge, a junior at Gatton Academy, said. “[With] anything Arabic related, I try to come.”

Soliman organized the event as part of her obligations to the modern language program and love of the Arabic language.

“It’s part of my program to organize culture events. This is my fifth culture event this year,”Soliman said. “I said this one had to be Arabic calligraphy to teach people Arabic calligraphy. I really love languages and cultures so I love to teach people, because for them Arabic is a brand new language. I like to teach them something about my language.”

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