‘We’re not going anywhere’: WKU HRL to host eighth annual drag show


Kennedy Gott

Drag Queen Geneva LaDiva performs “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga. “I like doing drag because it is an artistic outlet for me. I’ve always kinda considered myself multi-gendered, and this is a way for me to express my feminine side. Plus, you make good money doing it too,” LaDiva said. LaDiva celebrated 20 years of doing drag this past Halloween and through hard work and determination has become one of the more well-know drag entertainers in the region. This is LaDiva’s 4th HRL WKU Show. This is the 1st year WKU Housing and Residence Life has been to hold this event since 2019 due to the pandemic in 2020 and 2021.

Bailey Reed, News reporter

WKU Housing and Residence Life will host their eighth annual drag show on Thursday, April 6 at 7 p.m. at the Knicely Conference Center to give attendees the opportunity to learn about drag history and culture while watching the performances.

One performer to look forward to is Geneva LaDiva, a former WKU student who has been doing drag for 21 and a half years and performs at a variety of drag events throughout Bowling Green. 

Out of drag, LaDiva is Josh Finn, a 43-year-old man first inspired to do drag in 2001.

“I went to a gay nightclub in Nashville, TN, called The Connection and saw my first show, and I was completely in awe,” Finn said. “It looked like such a fun way to make money and I had never been in a queer space like that before, so I felt very safe and like I could be myself.”

Finn’s favorite experience in the drag world has been the growth and acceptance locally. 

“My favorite drag experience has been being a part of the growth and acceptance drag has seen in Bowling Green,” Finn said. “BG Pride and the WKU show are two of my favorite events because we draw such large crowds.”

Finn further explained his thoughts on the current political climate regarding laws affecting the queer community and how he believes it is important to do the drag show in spite of this. 

“I feel it’s important to have the show in opposition of the bigoted legislation that lawmakers are imposing on us, because we’re not going anywhere,” Finn said. “They can try to erase us, but we’re going to take a stand and fight back.”

Alastair Flowers, a junior studying horticulture and soil science and president of the Queer Student Union, also commented on the importance of the event. 

“I’d definitely encourage them [people] to go,” Flowers said. “It’s a really fun experience. If you have never seen drag queens in person, it’s a really nice event to go to.”

Additionally, Flowers encouraged queer students on campus to partake in the event. 

“It is a safe space for a reason,” Flowers said. “It is definitely a space where you can be yourself and don’t have to worry about what other people have to say about it.” 

Flowers also expressed how they believe it is important to show up to the drag show to support the queens.

“It is important to show solidarity and support for the queens that are performing, especially in the face of legislation being passed here,” Flowers said.

News reporter Bailey Reed can be reached at [email protected].