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LifeSkills 988 number provides immediate support to those in crisis


LifeSkills, a state-designated mental health center, offers anonymous support through their suicide and crisis lifeline, 988.

LifeSkills provides services for mental health, addiction recovery, intellectual disabilities and crises for Kentuckians, according to their website.

988 can be called or texted at any time to connect individuals to a LifeSkills call-taker ready to provide counseling for those feeling they are in a crisis.

Crises often include mental health and substance abuse concerns, however, individuals feeling they are in any kind of crisis are encouraged to utilize 988.

“The number was created for anyone that is in a crisis situation, and of course, that can be different for everyone,” Melanie Watts, director of community engagement at LifeSkills, said. “You just may need someone to speak to for a few minutes, someone who’s not biased toward you or who’s going to give an opinion, … [someone] to just sit and listen.”

When an individual calls 988, they will be connected with a LifeSkills worker in their area. If no one can take the call locally, it will be transferred to one of the other LifeSkills locations in the state.

“You’re always going to get [call-takers] to answer that phone,” Watts said. “It’s very important that we’re answering those phone calls in a timely manner and listening.”

Individuals looking for immediate support or counseling can call or text LifeSkills at 988 or call 800-223-8913.

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