The Daily Collegian staffers’ spring 2021 playlist | Phoebe Cykosky’s top songs

Collegian soundtrack

Editor’s Note: The Daily Collegian staffers’ playlists is a series started in spring 2020. Each week, a new staff member is featured to create a playlist of their current favorite songs.

This week’s Collegian playlist featured staffer is borough reporter Phoebe Cykosky.

Cykosky (sophomore-English and criminology) said her playlist is a collection of songs she has recently been listening to.

Cykosky used the website Obsecurify to see how different her music taste is compared to other Spotify users. She said it also told her how happy her music taste had become.

“Mine in the beginning in January was way below the average,” Cykosky said. “So I’ve been trying to listen to more upbeat things.”

1. “Always Like This” by Bombay Bicycle Club

Cykosky said “Always Like This” is her most listened to song on the playlist. She described Bombay Bicycle Club as “a small band” and said she doesn’t think many people have heard of it.

Ever since she first heard the group, Cykosky said she was hooked.

“I found them on a radio thing,” Cykosky said. “And then, ever since, I’ve just been completely obsessed with them.”

2. “Saint Bernard” by Lincoln

3. “Headsick” by USERx and Manchester Orchestra

While Bombay Bicycle Club might be her current favorite, Cykosky said one of her all-time favorite artists is Matt Maeson — or half of USERx.

4. “Tell Me How” (Coca-Cola Commercial) by Tyler, The Creator

Along with Lincoln’s “Saint Bernard,“ “Tell Me How,” by Tyler, The Creator is Cykosky’s most recent addition to her playlist.

5. “Up, Up And Away” by Kid Cudi

6. “Vienna” by Billy Joel

7. “Sway” by The Kooks

8. “Sunflower, Vol. 6” by Harry Styles

9. “The Spins” by Mac Miller

10. “Super Bon Bon” by Soul Coughing

Of all the songs she picked, Cykosky said she thinks “Super Bon Bon” is the one track no other Collegian staff member would have on their playlist.

“I found it on a TV show, and then I heard a part of it,” Cykosky said. “I was like, ‘I need to hear the rest of this,’ and I really doubt anyone else has that.”

11. “Kill the Director” by The Wombats

12. “I Always Knew” by The Vaccines

13. “Cough Syrup” by Young the Giant

14. “She Said” by Sundara Karma

15. “1901” by Phoenix

16. “Loving You Hurts” by Megan Swift

Cykosky’s playlist can be found here.