The Daily Collegian staffers’ spring 2021 playlists | Lily LaRegina’s top songs

Editor’s Note: The Daily Collegian staffers’ playlists is a series started in spring 2020. Each week, a new staff member is featured to create a playlist of their current favorite songs.

This week’s Collegian playlist featured staffer is photo editor Lily LaRegina.

LaRegina (junior-photojournalism) said the songs she listens to are based on her current mood or how she is aiming to feel.

“It fluctuates a lot,” LaRegina said.

“Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” by John Mayer

“Hearts Don’t Break Around Here” by Ed Sheeran

LaRegina said she is a massive Ed Sheeran fan, and she loves his songs.

“Really anything that I can sing along to I automatically love,” LaRegina said. “Out of all music, this song just has a certain innocence and a heartfelt love to it. I feel like if there is any song that perfectly encompasses what I experienced love to be like, [how] I show love — it is like this song captures it for me. It’s a beautiful song.”

“cowboy like me” by Taylor Swift

“Heaven” by Amy Allen

“Wildflowers” by The Wailin’ Jennys

“Sleep On The Floor” by The Lumineers

LaRegina enjoys a lot of chill, low-tempo music, and she said this song fits that.

“I am a big fan of the indie folk kinda genre. The Lumieers are kinda the most known artists in that genre, and I think that album, ‘Cleopatra,’ is a masterpiece,” LaRegina said. “This whole genre of music makes me feel like I’m escaping into the wider world, into nature first of all, but also into a sort of freedom.”

“Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap

“She’s So Gone” by Naomi Scott

LaRegina said she would play this song on repeat, and she actually did this summer. She also said this song has a special meaning to her.

“I love to sing, and I grew up playing a bunch of instruments, and this is the kind of song that I would always listen to in the car because my car is like my safe place to sing. [The] car is where my private concerts happen,” LaRegina said. “It is like that break up song that you always wish you had but you just kind of listen to through someone else.”

“Flowers” from “Hadestown”

“Karma Chameleon” by Culture Club

“La La Land” by Bryce Vine

“The Parting Glass” by Peter Hollens, The Hound + The Fox

LaRegina said this arrangement is “absolutely gorgeous.”

“I am a huge fan of folk music — not necessarily American folk music, but more like lyrical and hipster stuff in a more cultural, historical way,” LaRegina said.

“Sinking Friendships” by Jónsi

LaRegina said this might not be a song college students are familiar with, but she would definitely recommend it to everyone.

“I think it would be something a lot of people would enjoy once they do have that experience with it,” LaRegina said. “People will not immediately gravitate toward it, but I think it wouldn’t offend anyone, if that makes any sense. I think it is like a universal kind of song.”

“Arrival of the Birds” by The Cinematic Orchestra, London Metropolitan Orchestra

“Test Drive” by John Powell

LaRegina is a huge fan of instrumental cinematic movie scores. This is one of her most played songs.

“Soundtracks work in a way that you feel the environment,” LaRegina said. “You feel the certain sense of emotion that they are trying to convey to you from that scene, and that song accomplishes that really well, and I love how it makes me feel.”

LaRegina’s playlist can be found here.