Topper Grill and Pub will not be serving alcohol

Topper Grill and Pub is the latest addition to Western Kentucky Universities Dining options on campus. Topper Grill and Pub is located on the first floor of The Garret Conference Center, caddy corner to Panda Express. It will now just serve pub style food such as burgers and pizza. The eatery in Topper Grill and Pub is made out of the recycled floor from the bowling alley that was formerly located on the third floor in The Downing Student Union.

Herald Staff

Aramark has pulled the licensing for Topper Grill and Pub according to an email from SGA president Jay Todd Richey. 

After an inspection from the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, the department has a concern with the kitchen being located one floor below in Garrett Food Court.

According to the email, the pub was required to have sales equal to 50 percent alcohol and 50 percent food. The department was requiring that the pub build a separate kitchen to fulfill those numbers equally.


Aramark decided not to proceed with the licensing since, “it was apparently clear that the ABC would not have authorized it, which means that all future projects concerning alcohol at WKU would be remarkably difficult to approve since we had already been denied alcoholic beverage sale approval in the past,” Richey said in the email.

Richey said he invited Aramark representative Steve Hoyng to answer questions and explain in further detail at Tuesday’s SGA meeting. 

The Herald will update this story as more information becomes available. 

The original headline of this story referred to “Topper Pub and Grill” when the name is in fact “Topper Grill and Pub.” The Herald regrets the error.