SGA discussing energy usage, funding

Anna Lawson

In tonight’s Student Government Association meeting Christian Ryan, Sustainability Coordinator said that WKU is recognized nationally as a leader of sustainability in higher education. She also called upon SGA to help her get the word out about al the things that the Office of Sustainability is doing.

“In Kentucky we’re that school that folks are looking at when they look at sustainability programs,” Ryan said. “The challenge for me is that I don’t feel like our own students know that this is the case.”

Ryan pointed out many things that are going on at WKU to reach this recognition.

“We reduced our energy use on campus by 25% since 2008,” she said. “That is sin site of the fact that we have grown in population. We are saving about a million dollars a year.”

Ryan said that we have been nominated for the US Department of Education’s Green River Schools Program.

In addition to Ryan coming and speaking at the meeting there were also a few matters of unfinished business.

The first Resolution, Resolution 3-15-S, Resolution to Increase Student Government Association Accountability calls for the Director of Information Technology to post attendance and voting records of the executive, legislative and judicial branches to the WKU SGA website, as well as for all SGA votes taken in SGA meetings of any branch to be taken by roll call or electronic voting.

The authors of this resolution are Zach Jones and Seth Church. Church said that the main goal was to increase SGA’s accountability.

“Any student can access senator’s, and executive member’s, and judicial member’s on issues important to them,” he said. “This just increases the ability of students to know how well you’re representing them.”

Jones said students need to know how they are voting on basic and controversial issues.

The second unfinished business matter was Bill 2-15-S, Funding from Organization Aid Appropriations for Public Relations Student Society of America, Student Affairs Graduate Association, Association for Computing Machinery, and Sigma Tau Delta-International English Honor Society.

SGA will allocate $1,520 from Organizational Aid Appropriations for the organizations listed above. The authors of this are Liz Koehler and Hannah Neeper.

Both the resolution and the bill passed without debate.