Letter to the Editor: Vote Keyana Boka

Keyana Boka

Students of Western Kentucky University will soon have the opportunity to vote for their new leaders. I am currently running for student body president and student regent. As students, we deserve a leader who is passionate and driven, someone who will stand up for our concerns. I have devoted the last three years to servicing the WKU student body, and you can expect the same level of commitment if I am elected president.

As Executive Vice President and the former Campus Improvements chairperson, I have addressed student interests including, the university study abroad fee, fair trade initiatives, DUC Renovation project, and syllabus transparency. I have organized SGA events, such as Dine with Decision Makers, Campus Clean-up, and Campus Safety Walk.

The future for our university is a time of progress. I believe in our university’s unique traditions, history, and spirit of progress, and I hope to maintain the special connection we each have to WKU. I will continue establishing initiatives for students and work to ensure that the opinions and needs of all students are being heard.

If elected, I will:

• establish a free Preston Center guest pass program for all students to better support a culture of good health on campus

• establish an official SGA international student senator position to stand for a growing yet underrepresented student population

• establish more test-prep resources for students to ensure quality academic assistance

• expand summer and winter-term scholarship programs

• work to establish higher levels of sustainability efforts and initiatives on campus

• re-establish a SGA-sponsored tailgating event to provide students with the best available tailgating locations

• expand Safe Ride promotion and service

I encourage everyone to vote Boka for student body president on April 2-3. A vote for Keyana Boka is a vote for driven, committed leadership for all students and the issues that matter to us.

Start next semester right with a vote for Keyana Boka. Go TOPS!