Department of Theatre and Dance to perform Studio Series A: How Absurd!

Madison Carter, News Reporter

The Department of Theatre and Dance will be performing Studio Series A: How Absurd! on March 7-8.

The performance will include a showing of “The End” by Jason Pizzarello, directed by Jett Oliver, and “The Bald Soprano” by Eugene Lonesco, directed by Mallory Crouch.

The showings will begin at 7:30 p.m. in the Gordon Wilson Hall Lab Theatre. 

Tickets for the performance are $8 and can be purchased online at the WKU Fine Arts Box Office website.

The theatre and dance website synopsis for “The End” states: “When a massive storm hits too quickly to dodge, two couples seek shelter in a seemingly abandoned motel. While waiting for the storm to stop they meet a child that seems to supply them with more questions than answers. Watch as these couples go through a realization that will change their destinies forever.”

The synopsis for “The Bald Soprano” states: “The Smiths, the Martins, a maid, and a fire chief walk into an English living room. They prepare for a lovely, respectable English evening at an English dinner party but what ensues is a bizarre descent into nonsensical chaos that delivers them to an unexpected destination.”

For more information about Studio Series A or future performances by the department, call the Fine Arts Box Office at (270)745-3121 or visit

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