Bowling Green skating rink remodels to cater to college students


Located on Three Springs Road, BG Skate is Bowling Green’s only skating rink. After a recent remodel, the rink is an ideal spot for outings with friends, large group events or date nights.

Sponsored by BG Skate

Roller skating has been a staple in Bowling Green since 1982. People have grown up going to the skating rink, and it holds a sentimental tie to the community. The bright lights, loud music and smell of fresh pizza tie in the familiar sensation of comfort and plain old fun.

BG Skate has now undergone a complete remodel and offers transportation to and from campus for any student organization-led events.

In addition to skating, visitors to BG Skate can enjoy a variety of arcade games.

The owners, Jared and Amber Nugent, graduated from WKU and hold lots of love for the university. The roller rink has been revamped and restructured to cater toward college students.

“There is a large population of college students that are 18 and over that are looking for something and somewhere to go that isn’t just a bar,” said Mary Osborne, the marketing coordinator for BG Skate and a WKU alumna.

Many college students are under 21 and cannot always participate in Bowling Green’s nightlife. BG skate is an exciting alternative that provides entertainment for college students of all ages.

“We want Western to know we’re here for skating, friend outings, date nights, and once a month on Saturday we host an adult-only skate from 10-12,” Osborne said.

The goal is to give another alternative to a bar or a club with a similar “vibe,” Osborne said.

With the recent addition of a bar, BG Skate offers draft beer and a variety of seltzer options.

This is a reliable venue that serves many purposes other than skating.

“We like to host sisterhood retreats, dances, athletic banquets and other events through Western,” Osborne said. “The sky’s the limit because we have the space for it!”

BG skate recently opened a bar that sells draft beer and tons of seltzer options.

“We also offer pizza, wings, hot dogs, corn dogs — all those concession style foods,” Osborne said.

The skating rink has a state-of-the-art stereo system so organizations do not have to hire a DJ and can play off a playlist on a laptop or phone, which is an additional savings for events.

“We can also bring in tables, chairs, tablecloths and catering for different events,” Osborne said.

For group events, BG Skate can provide a private bus to shuttle attendees between campus and their skating rink on Three Springs Road in Bowling Green.

The newest addition BG Skate has implemented is access to private transportation with a 42-passenger bus that can be rented out for events held at the facility.

“The bus is the golden ticket!” Osborne said. “Nowhere else has that amenity. It has LED lights on the inside, and underneath the bus a stereo system.”

The bus will pick up in one location on campus and also drop students back off at the same location. It runs in shifts during events constantly going back and forth between the venue and campus.

The shuttle bus BG Skate provides for group events is equipped with colored lights to set the atmosphere for an exciting event.

“We also hire security here from the Bowling Green Police Department. We have never needed it, but it’s just to keep it to where it’s the atmosphere we choose and we want,” Osborne said.

“I don’t know of any event that we couldn’t accommodate,” Osborne said. “People are coming here just to have a good time!”

In the annual Best of the Hill publication, BG Skate was voted among the best places to burn energy in Bowling Green, placing second in 2022.

BG Skate is open for fall bookings that cater to any WKU organization’s needs. The skating rink is open six days a week and located at 506 Three Springs Road.

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