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WKU F1rst Gen hosts first ‘Make it Count Monday’

Kaylee Hawkins
Students gather for WKU F1rst Gen’s ‘Make it Count Monday’ event, inviting first generation students to learn about conversation skills.

WKU’s F1rst Gen organization welcomed students to learn about communication skills to use in a professional and social space on Monday

In attendance was WKU Assistant Provost for Faculty Development and Student Success, Marko Dumančić, who spoke to students about communication and how to develop conversations with total strangers. 

“Our aim is to professionalize students in skills that they may need outside of the classroom, but may not be addressed within the classroom,” Dumančić said. 


The event allowed students to ask questions and have conversations about how they communicate with others. The students were put into a circle where they were given real-world scenarios and asked how they would respond to the given situation.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been to an event like this. It taught me to make conversation with whoever and wherever,” Peter Aung, freshman health sciences major and first-generation college student, said. Aung added that the event was eye-opening, “I think I’m definitely going to use these skills later on.”

At the end of the event, students were asked to rotate to different tables and communicate in small groups with faculty and student ambassadors who were advocates for first-generation students. 

Marquavis Baker, classified freshman, is in his first semester with the organization. “F1rst-Gen to me is a passion because I’m a first-gen myself, and so are my cousins. I want to lead by example since I’m the first grandchild,” Baker said. 

He followed by saying, “I know how hard it is coming into school not knowing about resources and I want to give those opportunities.” 

At the conclusion of the event, Dumančić challenged each student to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger in the next 24 hours. 

“I’m definitely planning on coming to the F1rst-Gen meetings. They offer insight on things that aren’t taught in the classroom,” Cristina Rocha, freshman accounting major, said. “I was scared the event was going to be like a lecture, but it was actually hands-on.” 

For more information on future F1rst Gen meetings, students can go to or follow their Instagram @iamfirst_wku. 

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