Freshmen reflect on college life amidst COVID-19

Students walk between classes through the Collonade during the Spring 2021 semester.

The 2020-2021 school year has been everything but normal for college students everywhere. However, freshmen have the unique perspective of only knowing post-COVID-19 college life. 

After having their high school senior year cut short, this year’s freshmen are no strangers to having to adapt to drastic change. Having to take online classes has been one of the biggest challenges for many.

“Online learning makes it difficult to focus and be motivated all the time,” said freshman Jason King. “I hope next year is back to normal with in-person classes.” 

Along with the change in modality of courses, the social aspects of college have been altered, too. Many events that have drawn large in-person crowds in the past have been virtual this year, making it more difficult for freshmen to make connections.

With COVID-19 cases dropping and more vaccines being distributed, many are hopeful that next year will be a change back into normalcy. 

“I hope that next year, we’re able to do more big events on campus,” said freshman Levi McKay. 

Although he feels that COVID-19 has made it more difficult to meet new people, McKay has still found ways to make connections.

“I feel like [COVID-19] hasn’t stopped me from making close friends from the past semester,” McKay said. 

If a pandemic wasn’t enough for new college students to adapt to, freezing temperatures and a snowstorm drastically affected last week’s campus schedule. 

“Now with the winter, it’s even harder to hang out with anyone while staying safe because of the cold,” said freshman Kendal Kimbro. 

With temperatures rising and spring coming soon, students look forward to safely communing outside and enjoying the fair weather. 

Although this year’s freshman missed the typical first-year college experience, they go into the next years of college with a unique perspective and hope for the future. 

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