WKU to continue monitoring as COVID-19 cases remain low

Alexandria Anderson, Content Editor

After returning from winter break, it was expected that on-campus case numbers for COVID-19 would be on the rise. However, cases have remained low.

The current seven-day moving average for Kentucky is 3,743 cases through Jan. 18. This is a drop from the week before, with 5,116 cases.

In Warren County, COVID-19 cases have also dropped since the start of the semester. The current seven-day moving average for the county is 168 total cases through Jan. 18, a -11.58% change since the previous week. The county has returned to a low community level risk.

David Oliver, WKU director of environmental health and safety, stated there were two cases called in to the COVID-19 assistance line last week, from Jan. 16 to 22. Two students are currently in quarantine on campus.

Oliver has spoken with other universities about where to go following the slowing of the COVID-19 pandemic. He stated potentially moving away from on campus quarantining and instead taking other precautions such as just not going to class, but he does not know when these changes will occur.

“In the fall we had very few folks that quarantined on campus,” Oliver said. “I think that again, most people have to go home, but obviously, we’ll work with students as they have any issues with being able to quarantine. Obviously, we’ll work on that as we do with any illness on a case by case basis.”

Oliver also said case numbers reported to the COVID-19 assistance line may not be representative of every case on campus. He said due to many at-home tests being used, some cases may not be documented or called in.

The COVID-19 assistance line is seeing more use as a COVID-19 guidance resource rather than to call in cases. Oliver explained many students call the line to ask about quarantine guidelines, mask regulations or what to do as a close contact.

“We felt it was very important to maintain the [COVID-19 call] line and all of that for folks to be able to call for advice [and] information,” Oliver said.

For more information on WKU COVID-19 protocols, visit the Healthy on the Hill website.

Content editor Alexandria Anderson can be reached at [email protected].