WKU Housing and Residence Life announces change in on-campus COVID-19 isolation

Alexandria Anderson, Content editor

WKU Housing and Residence Life announced changes in COVID-19 housing for on-campus housing residents on Friday, Feb. 10 via email.

According to the email, HRL will no longer require students positive for COVID-19 to isolate in an off-campus or separate campus space. Residents are encouraged to make a plan for COVID-19 isolation if testing positive, which could include isolating in your residence hall room or returning home.

For those that choose to isolate in their residence hall room, the email stated that masking is still required in public spaces. 

“Additionally, roommates are encouraged to discuss how issues related to COVID, flu and other illnesses will be handled within their space,” HRL stated via email.

WKU still requires students who test positive for COVID-19 to contact the WKU COVID-19 Assistance Line at 270-745-2019 within four hours of a positive test result, as well as follow current CDC COVID-19 guidelines. These include isolating for five days and masking afterwards for an additional five days.

The WKU Environmental Health & Safety still has KN-95 masks available while supplies last. They can be picked up Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the EH&S office at the back of South Chestnut Street parking lot.

Med Center Health at WKU Health Services also offers free in-person appointments for those that suspect they may be positive for COVID-19 or have other urgent care needs. These appointments can be made by phone at 270-745-2273.

For more information about WKU COVID-19 housing guidelines, visit their website.

Content editor Alexandria Anderson can be reached at [email protected].