Capitol Arts Center to present three documentaries for free online in coming months


The Capitol Arts Center in Bowling Green will be screening three films online later this year that were funded by a regional arts organization.

The films from South Arts, an organization dedicated to promoting artistic endeavors in southern states, will be accessible to the public for free on the Capitol Arts Center’s website.

Code of the Freaks

The first film scheduled for release is “Code of the Freaks,” which overviews the history of disabled characters in film. “Code of the Freaks” suggests that many filmmakers in the past 100 years have influenced the public to adopt incorrect images of disabled people.

“‘Code of the Freaks’ debunks well-worn tropes—the miracle cure, the blind guy driving a car, the magical little people, the face-feelers, the sexless, the better off dead—and brings an entirely fresh perspective,” the film description stated.

Salome Chasnoff is the film’s director and producer. The film will be available on the Capitol Arts Center’s website between Feb. 21 and Feb. 25.

Picture Character

The 2019 film “Picture Character” is next on the lineup. “Picture Character,” which was co-directed by Ian Cheney and Martha Shane, highlights the global rise of the emoji.

The Japanese word “emoji” means “picture character” in English. Cheney and Shane explore the history of the emoji and the mission to create a emoji catalog that accurately represents today’s smartphone users.

“Picture Character” will be available on the Capitol Arts Center’s website between March 14 and March 18. 


The third film, “Narrowsburg,” documents the Hollywood aspirations of a couple living in the town of Narrowsburg, New York. Richard and Jocelyne Castellano produced a film known as “Four Deadly Reasons” in Narrowsburg.

The film turned into a financial disaster and Richard was sentenced to prison for a money scam that involved Narrowsburg residents who believed that they would be admitted into the Screen Actors Guild.

“Narrowsburg” was directed by Martha Shane. The film can be viewed on the Capitol Arts Center’s website between April 11 and April 15.

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