WKU extends the deadline to withdraw from a class

A WKU Student attends class on Zoom.

Easton Reynolds

WKU is extending the deadline to withdraw from a class to Dec. 4, according to an email from Provost Cheryl Stevens.

“The decision to extend the withdraw- al date was to provide time and flexibility, if needed, for students to complete their courses successfully,” Stevens stated in an email.

The deadline extension applies to both full semester and second bi-term courses. Alongside extending the deadline for withdrawals, the registrar is also extending the deadline to switch from credit to audit for full semester and second bi-term courses until Dec. 4.


Students on campus have been feel- ing a sense of burnout and exhaustion from the integration of online modality.

“It was easy at first but after a while, it gets tiring,” Seth Hoffman, a senior from Bowling Green, said about switching to hybrid courses.

Nathan Karnes, a junior from Paducah, said WKU’s plan for this semester was not what he expected.

“Honestly, I think they did a crappy job because they basically forced people to take online classes without any warning,” Karnes said. “Most of my classes switched to online a week before class started.”

Other accommodations for students have been made because of the pandemic. When classes were suddenly moved from in-person to online last semester, WKU implemented a Pass/D/ Fail, or PDF, option.

This allowed students to keep their letter grade (A, B, C, D, F) or choose a PDF option, where students with an A, B or C letter grade would pass the class, those with a D would receive a D and those with an F would fail that class.

By selecting the PDF option, students would be able to pass a class without negatively affecting their GPA.

Stevens said there is “no plan” to use the PDF option this semester.

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