SGA discusses P/D/F option, new computers at weekly meeting

Garrett Edmonds, Executive Vice President for SGA, discusses with fellow cabinet members events at their meeting on Feb 18, 2020.

Jacob Latimer

The Student Government Association discussed the response from the associate provost regarding SGA’s formal request to implement a Pass/D/Fail option for the Fall semester and passed a bill that will allow for more computers to be put in SGA’s office at the weekly meeting.

President Garrett Edmonds began the meeting speaking on the response he received from Associate Provost Rob Hale regarding SGA’s formal request to implement a P/D/F option. Hale defended their previous decision to extend the deadline to drop a class instead of implementing the P/D/F option.

“I am not ready to let this rest,” Edmonds said. “I would like to think that in an era of shared governance at this university, our feedback would be more receptive.”


Edmonds, who stated that he was “deeply disturbed” by the university’s response so far, urged senators to email their concerns to members of the faculty senate and the provost. Other senators expressed their opinions on the university’s response.

“They still, at the end of the day, put us in a major rock and a hard place, because it was either I attend school this semester, or I have to pay for an extra semester out of my own pocket with no financial aid,” Senator Brenna Mathews said. “If WKU is willing to open its doors and have students attend classes, they should be able to listen to our voices.”

After more senators spoke on this issue, Edmonds urged them to spread his petition, which has received over 3,000 signatures.

Senators voted on a bill that would allocate funds towards the purchase of recycled computers for student and senator use in the SGA office. The original number of computers to be added by the bill went down to comply with Center for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

This bill passed with a 28 to three vote.

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