Homecoming in Barnes

Keilen Frazier Self-Portraint

Keilen Frazier

I didn’t think I would spend homecoming in Barnes Campbell this year.

Quarantining isn’t the best way to commemorate the semester yet, perhaps it’s the most ideal due to how 2020 has been.

I haven’t been here long, but all the hours seem the same. With every passing second this entire experience just feels like a long boring weekend in high school. Everybody has had those weekends when you don’t have any plans, friends text you randomly (or not at all), while you have a bunch of assignments that are sitting in the back of your mind just wondering if they will even be acknowledged.

Even with hours of nothing to do, I still don’t have the motivation to address the things in my life that have been hindering me the most.

My first day here I met a guy that was one day away from finishing his second stint here. He gave me some basic pointers: this sucks, the food sucks, DoorDash as much as possible and try not to die of boredom. He also warned me about the cameras on the first floor and told me there’s no point of wearing a mask on the floor at this point — if you’re here, you’re already in hell.

I did figure out fast that the food was not favorable, although the pancakes weren’t bad.

The best way to spend time has to be the holy trinity of Netflix, snacks and Among Us. After 1,000 games, I can’t bear another pointless task at this point.

The best way to cope has been to stay neutral. Any happy moment ends up ruined when I inevitably end up remembering how dull and draining this has been.

As long as I stay at the right level of content, I can coast through my time here and get back to “normal,” if that’s even still a thing.