LETTER TO THE EDITOR: What is ISEC? A guide for students

ISEC student wearing a face mask as the center kicks off the fall semester amid COVID-19.

The Intercultural Student Engagement Center, also known as ISEC, promotes a culturally inclusive campus environment, cultural awareness and competence, inter-group dialogue, engagement and intercultural interaction and supports lifelong learning about self and others. All of these are key components to making campus culturally aware and a safe space for all students.

Through our center we offer a numerous amount of programming, initiatives and resources that benefit our students academically, culturally and socially. The ISEC Academy, the Pride Center and The WKU Center for Academic Resources & Success (WKU CAReS) are just a few examples. It is our ultimate goal to see our students walk across the stage!

If there is any way we can be of any assistance or if you just want to stop by, our center is located on the second floor of Downing Student Union room 2041. Monday through Friday we are open from 8 a.m to 4:30 p.m. Remember, ISEC is where scholars are made!

What the semester will look like for ISEC and ISEC Academy

The Intercultural Student Engagement Center and ISEC Academy will look a little different this year due to COVID-19.

ISEC Academy opened its doors to 77 incoming freshmen who identify as students of color (Black, Hispanic/ Latino, Asian, Native American and Multiracial) and/or who are first generation, Pell eligible and have need with their transition, persistence and graduation from WKU.

The ISEC staff made many changes to the orientation weekend to meet the COVID-19 guidelines. Move-in was a drop and go process. All students were provided a mask and hand sanitizer and smaller activities to provide social distancing.

ISEC Academy had a successful orientation weekend for Cohort IV.

During the fall semester, ISEC will host programming. Many of these programs will require pre-registration if students would like to attend.

Students can follow the Intercultural Student Engagement Center on social media to stay up to do on events and programming.

WKU Center for Academic Resource and Success

The ISEC Academy application window has closed, but we still offer WKU CAReS for those students who want to be a part of ISEC.

The WKU Center for Academic Resources & Success, also known as WKU CAReS, is an initiative to assist students that identify as underrepresented and/or who are first-generation, Pell-eligible and have some need with their transition, persistence and graduation from WKU.

Students will have the opportunity for transformation related to personal development, academic engagement, campus involvement and opportunities for experiences related to culture and diversity. WKU CAReS offers year- round enrollment for all student classifications.