SGA holds first meeting since April

Student Body President Will Harris speaks during the SGA meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 4.

Jacob Latimer

For the first time since April, the Student Government Association held a meeting via Zoom in preparation for its upcoming election. 

There will be a Senate election occurring on Sept. 30 for this year’s SGA board. Current SGA board members are working on transition guides for those who are elected. 

These guides, along with their yearly election codes, have been moved over to a fully digital format.

Along with discussion about the election, SGA also touched on their budget for this year. 

A large part of SGA’s budget typically goes toward study abroad scholarships, but with COVID-19 restrictions preventing students from this, there’s room to put funds elsewhere. 

“There’s going to be some flexibility with the budget… to reallocate those dollars towards something we wouldn’t typically do,” said SGA President Will Harris. 

SGA board member Isaac Keller went over the election codes as a refresher for the incumbent members. 

Each committee then broke off into breakout rooms to pick up where they left off in April. 

Me’Lon Craighead, an SGA senator, then went in-depth on upcoming plans regarding diversity legislation for future SGA meetings. 

“These proposals are put into place… to make sure that anyone on this Hill, no matter who you are, what you look like, or what you believe, feels comfortable going here and being around in any environment,” said Craighead. 

Craighead mentioned proposing a set of consequences for racial offense on campus, along with a mandatory course for students and workers to ensure that those on-campus are informed on racial issues. 

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