Beshear announces 105 new cases of COVID-19, says a 10 year old is on a ventilator due to the virus

Leo Bertucci

Gov. Andy Behsear announced on Monday that Kentucky has 105 new reported cases of COVID-19. 

Kentucky has 6,677 reported cases of COVID-19 in total, as of May 11. Four new deaths were reported on Monday, which raised the death toll to 311.

Warren County has 40 new cases of COVID-19. A 6 year old and a 12 year old are among the new cases.

Beshear announced that a 10 year old is on a ventilator due to having a newly discovered syndrome.

Monday was the first day that the state government recommended that Kentuckians wear a mask while in public. Beshear said that the recommendation was not made at an earlier date because Kentuckians were expected to be spending most of their time at home.

“As your risk elevates, steps to mitigate that risk is what we are asking for,” Beshear said.