SPONSORED: Celebrate your WKU graduate online!

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Cherry Creative

WKU’s Class of 2020 should have been walking across the stage at commencement this Saturday – a formal ending to signal the beginning of a new chapter.

However, this was not the ending the seniors received.

The COVID-19 pandemic will keep WKU graduates, parents, faculty and staff from gathering to celebrate in person this May. But this year’s graduates still deserve recognition for reaching this milestone in their lives. Purchasing a custom webpage for graduates featured on Cherry Creative’s WKU Graduate Gallery is one way to honor the class of 2020, digitally.


Many parents have already purchased pages to celebrate their student’s hard work during their college career. These pages can include up to 10 photos of the graduate from throughout their life and a personal message. Each page is also easily printable and shareable on social media so parents and students can spread their Hilltopper spirit far and wide.

Nikki Pritchett, one parent who purchased a page on the WKU Graduate Gallery, said she thought it was a great way to let her daughter Grace know how proud they were of her, especially since there wasn’t going to be a formal ceremony in May.

“I thought the price was really good,” Pritchett said. “Very affordable, in my opinion. You got to load a lot of pictures, and it was easy. It’s a good price for a priceless situation.”

Lisa Flannery, another parent who purchased a custom page for her daughter Claire on the gallery agreed and said she feels like all parents should take advantage of this opportunity.

“My initial thought was, ‘That’s a great idea!’” Flannery said. “These students have worked so hard to get a degree, and they are proud and so are we, as parents. Until we can celebrate together, let’s honor these students for a job well done!”

Flannery also added that if there are any issues or concerns, Cherry Creative is quick to address them. Parents can purchase a WKU Graduate Gallery page here. Prices vary from $15 to $30 depending on the number of photos.

“Since nothing else about this graduation has been normal, as a parent, I am looking for any way to celebrate my daughter’s amazing accomplishments!” Melissa Goodlett said about her decision to purchase a page for her daughter, Ryan. “Thank you for the opportunity to brag on her a little bit and be able to share it on all my social media.”

For a chance to brag about a graduate, please visit https://www.cherrycreativewku.com/wkugrads/order/ and contact [email protected] with any additional questions.