A Spotify playlist that sums up your feelings about quarantine

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Kelley Holland

Being stuck inside and isolated from the world can feel gloomy. If you’re like me, listening to music is an essential part of everyday life, and it can lift your spirits. Here is a humorous playlist of quarantine songs to lighten the mood.

U Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer

What a perfect song for our new world of staying six feet apart and avoiding handshakes? This is a classic. I bet MC Hammer never thought his song would be used in this context. You really can’t touch this.

Til the World Ends – Britney Spears

These days, it sometimes feels like the apocalypse. Everything is shut down, we’re more anti-social than ever… What’s next, zombies? Keep on dancing ‘til the world ends with this 2012 hit.

Don’t Stand So Close To Me – The Police

Back up! Everyone should be at least six feet apart. If you have to make a grocery run and someone gets too close, recommend this song to remind them that, in Gov. Beshear’s words, we can’t be doing that.

Work From Home – Fifth Harmony

While classes and many jobs have moved to an online format, working from home is our new normal. This is the perfect song to play while you change out of your pajamas and into your other pajamas to get online… That is, if you bother to change at all.

Stayin’ Alive – Bee Gees

This song pretty much sums up everyone’s feelings these days. It feels like we’re all just doing what we can to stay healthy (and alive). Legend has it that if you blast this song, you’re immune to the coronavirus.

Antisocial – Ed Sheeran ft. Travis Scott

It’s okay to be a bit antisocial right now! Close your eyes and imagine yourself at a party… With everyone six feet apart, of course. 

Check Your Phone – Cheap Cuts ft. Pete Wentz

This newly-released bop encapsulates quarantine perfectly. Wake up, check your phone. Put it down for a couple of minutes, then check it again. Why is there nothing to do?

Toxic – Britney Spears

Self-explanatory… Another good one to recommend to anyone who gets too close. 

I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

Maybe the most important song on this playlist. Play this one whenever you feel down. We will get through this! You’re not alone. 

It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) – R.E.M.

While the world is in a panic, lay back, relax and think about how weird everything is. You can even close your eyes and pretend you’re in an apocalyptic movie. 

Level of Concern – Twenty One Pilots

The guys in Twenty One Pilots released this song last week, and needless to say, the lyrics are spot on. 


K-Pop sensations BTS sing about what home means to them, as well as missing those they love. Many of us can relate in these uncertain times.

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