6 ways to help parents without childcare

Julianna Lowe

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, most college students are back at home with their parents and siblings. On top of this, many parents are out of work or working from home, and siblings are out of childcare or school and stuck at home. 

This is an overwhelming situation for everyone involved, but as school comes to a close, the rest of the world keeps spinning. Parents will continue to need to work, and children will continue to lack childcare. But there are way you can help with this dilemma.

1. Be their daycare

In the chance students have enough time to spare, the most beneficial way you can help parents with childcare is taking over the responsibilities of the daycare. Make sure children are fed, give them things to play with and give them tasks to complete. That way, parents can go about their lives as if the children were at daycare. 

2. Help with meals

A popular hobby that has popped up while we’re quarantined is learning how to cook. Everyone seems to have time for it, and there is no shortage of recipes to try. Cooking meals for siblings would take a large load off parents’ backs, helping them with time management and stress.

3. Take them on adventures

Sometimes getting the children out of the house is enough to help. Take them on a bike ride or to play in a nearby creek. Nature is beautiful right now, and there is no better time to explore it when the weather is perfect and everything is blooming. Not to mention parents will be appreciative to have an hour or two without their children. 

4. Tire them out

One of the biggest downfalls of having children is trying to get them to sleep at night. Some things help children fall asleep better, however, like eating meals on time and winding down before bed. Take time during the day to make sure children are active so that when bedtime comes around, kids aren’t cranky or bursting with energy. 

5. Babysit

Even if students and parents aren’t bogged down with work, everyone still has things to do. One thing that will help parents is babysitting while they run errands. Quarantining doesn’t stop people from needing to eat, so while parents run to the grocery store or pick up dinner, it will be helpful to watch the kids so parents can concentrate on the task at hand. 

6. Quarantine

The most helpful thing students can do for their parents balancing childcare is quarantining. By quarantining, students are ensuring that neither parents nor children become sick. Also, the more people quarantine, the quicker the country can recover from coronavirus — meaning that daycares and schools can reopen. 

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