Members of WKU’s Health Plan to now receive free COVID-19 testing and treatment

Medical supplies

Cassady Lamb

Faculty and staff who belong to the WKU health plan are now able to get tested and receive treatment for COVID-19 without paying any out-of-pocket fees.

The WKU Employee Wellness and Benefits Team sent out an email Thursday morning stating if a member of the healthcare plan tests positive for the coronavirus, they will have their cost-shares for testing and treatment waived.

Waiving the cost-shares for plan members means they will not have to pay deductibles and copays frequently included in healthcare.

Testing and treatment occurring between April 1 and May 31 is eligible to have a waived cost-share.

Members are also able to receive check-ups from doctors virtually and participate in ‘telehealth text sessions’ in which patients receive advice from primary care doctors in the plan, but fees may apply to these benefits.

No matter where members get tested, whether it be an urgent care facility or a hospital, the general visit will be covered as well.

Members of the WKU health care plan that need to get tested for COVID-19 can find available testing centers here.

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