Registration begins 1 week late amid coronavirus concerns

Julianna Lowe

Beginning at 5 a.m. on Monday, students can begin to register for classes for the Fall 2020 semester. This is one week after registration was originally supposed to take place. 

“Due to the extended Spring Break, it has been decided that priority registration for fall 2020 will move back one week and begin April 6,” Christopher Jensen wrote in an email on March 13 to the student body. 

Jensen, the assistant vice president of the Advising and Career Development Center, said that the extra week before registration will benefit both advisors and students in being able to prepare for registration.

“The additional time will help ensure advisors can work with more students prior to the beginning of priority registration,” Jensen wrote in the email. 

Because of this extension, priority registration dates have also been changed. 

Graduate students, post-baccalaureate students and seniors will be able to register beginning April 6 with last names O – Z, A – F on April 7 and G – N on April 8. April 9 – 10 is registration for special groups, with tier I groups opening on April 9 and tier II groups opening on April 10.

Juniors with last names A – K register April 13 and last names L – Z register April 14. Sophomores follow suit with last names A – K registering April 15 and last names L – Z registering April 16. All returning freshmen register beginning April 17.

After these priority registration dates are over, classes are open to all April 18. 

The only other change made to registration is the cancelling of face-to-face advising appointments. Now, most meetings between students and advisors are taking place online. 

“All advising appointments are now taking place via Zoom, phone or email,” Jensen wrote. “While the modality of advising has changed, the way students contact and schedule appointments remains the same.”

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