Social distancing disco: Herald staff playlist


Herald Staff


Nothing beats cruising down the road, windows down, stereo blaring at full capacity, yelling out the lyrics of that one song, the one you and all your friends love to sing. Music unites us. We pack together in massive stadiums and concert halls and listen together, a hive of humanity — sweating, singing, screaming, crying. Music relates our emotional state, our moods, like nothing else.

In churches, it is used to bring people closer to God. Music has a divine quality about it, something not easily explained. It can motivate us or depress us. Music is a way to cope or connect. It is communication and catharsis. It is euphoric and artistic and animalistic — birds chirp and monkeys sing for mates. It is also uniquely human, and during this time of social distancing, sharing music with each other is a way to share a part of ourselves. It is a way to say, “This is how I feel” more beautifully than words ever could. 

So members of the Herald have decided to share our social distancing songs of the week with you in hopes that you’ll share back. 

Morgan Bass – Nude – by Radiohead

“Listen to it and you’ll get it. Hauntingly beautiful. Perfect song to play while sitting outside in the grass looking like a character out of an A24 coming-of-age film—bonus points if you are pining over an unrequited love and a single tear falls from your eye.” 

Cassady Lamb – Sports – by Beach Bunny

“First of all, I miss sports (especially women’s soccer). Secondly, my best friend put me onto this band and since I can’t see her right now, I can at least listen to her music. Lastly, the vibes are immaculate.”

Casey Warner – Killing Epidemic – by Granshaw

“Kind of relates to what is going on right now, me and my friend scream all the lyrics when we’re together.” 

Matt Stahl – Feathered Indians – by Tyler Childers

“An extremely well-written song that makes you feel like you’re in the woods of West Virginia.”

Laurel Deppen – Might Be Right – by White Reaper

“It is impossible to be sad when this song is on. It’s upbeat and just plain fun. To quote the band in question, ‘I hope our songs help people ignore the bullsh*t in their lives.’”

Ruby Chapdelaine – Changes – by David Bowie

“This song plays a lot during work so it’s ingrained in my head. Also Bowie is #iconic.”

Jake Dressman – Since I’ve Been Loving You – by Led Zeppelin

“Slow and steady and melancholy, but cacophonous and wild, this Led song reflects my mood since the pandemic shut things down. It’s haphazard strings are kept in line by the rhythmic beating of the drums. The two are colliding, and the ringing bells of madness emanating from this tune give me an odd feeling of serenity.”

Julianna Lowe – Deaf (who you are) – by Jessie Reyez

“A female ANTHEM if you’ve ever known one! Reyez’s first album is a powerhouse of her diverse abilities and genres.”

Rebekah Alvey – Not Charmed – by Wet Eyed Liars

“I still vividly remember hearing Wet Eyed Liars for the first time, surrounded by friends and peering over the second floor balcony of Tidball’s. I was immediately enchanted by their ‘glittering sadness’ and ability to make me feel both melancholy and dance-y in the same breath. During this time where I’m cooped up at home and long nights filled with friends and music seem distant, songs like this keep me going.”

Morgan Bass, again – Beast of Burden – by Rolling Stones

“This song is the perfect driving with the windows down on a sunny day. Vibrations are immaculate.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in next week for more, and comment your top social distancing songs below.