6 things you can buy online but probably shouldn’t

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Kelley Holland

While you’re stuck at home with not much to do, online shopping can be increasingly more tempting. There are many places to shop online filled with interesting — though sometimes useless — items. No matter how useless these things are still tempting to buy, and they can be yours!

The Slimming Strap

This contraption goes around your face for 40 minutes every other day. It’s supposed to tighten your face and eliminate fat, “right from the comfort of your home,” with no exercise required, according to the Slimming Strap website. Simply place the strap around your chin and loop it over your ears, then go participate in other quarantine activities like reading a book or staring at the ceiling. If this $35 product works, you’ll come out of quarantine with a slimmer face!

Gourmet PB & J of the Month Club

Are you a big peanut butter and jelly sandwich fan? This club subscription is for you. Choose from a three-month, seasonal, six-month or 12-month subscription and get gourmet peanut butter and fruit preserves delivered to your door “from award-winning and boutique producers across the country,” according to their website. Based on the reviews, you’ll receive a wide variety of different flavors. What could go wrong?

Desktop refrigerator

Say goodbye to drinking warm soda at your desk with this USB-powered desktop refrigerator. Simply plug it into the USB port on your computer, and you can place a soda (or anything else that will fit) inside. 

Joe Exotic for President T-shirt

Have you watched Tiger King on Netflix? There is an array of merchandise out there, but this shirt might take the cake. Show your support for Joe Exotic with this “cool political tee for a liberal who prefers independent candidates,” according to the t-shirt’s Amazon page. It’s a great gift for all those cool cats and kittens in your life.

Potato Parcel

Have you ever wanted a potato with your face on it? What about someone else’s face on it? Now is your chance. You can now send anyone a personalized potato. Just customize your potato with an image or a message of your choice. You can even make it a bundle with candy inside. What a perfect quarantine gift for your loved ones!

Grass Flip Flops

Since we’re all stuck inside, you may miss the outdoors. The sun on your face, the … grass beneath your feet? Of course, in Kentucky you can still go for a walk as long as you maintain social distancing. But if you’d rather stay inside and you really miss that feeling of grass on your bare feet, these sandals are the perfect solution. These flip flops have fake grass on the bottom of them, and they allegedly conform to your feet. 

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