Beshear announces 45 new cases of coronavirus in the state

Beshear press 3/29

Rebekah Alvey

In his daily update Gov. Andy Beshear announced 45 new cases of the coronavirus, a break from yesterday’s 92 new cases. The state total is now 439. 

Beshear said the impacted counties are Fayette, Jefferson, Hopkins, Boyd, McCracken, Taylor, Calloway, Lewis, Nelson, Scott, Franklin, Campbell and Kenton. There were some additional cases where the county could not be confirmed. 

“As of now we have had a fairly good day in Kentucky,” Beshear said. 

Despite the drop in new cases, Beshear reminded Kentuckian’s that even in the best case scenario where the state can flatten the curve, there will continue to be an escalation of cases. 

“You’ve got to know that’s coming,” Beshear said. “We’ve got to be strong and we’ve got to be ready. And we can’t let a single day where we had a fairly good result compared to others, change both our expectations, and our behavior and getting done what we have to get done.”

In a state of about 4.5 million people, Beshear said there are about 18,500 hospital beds, 1,300 ICU beds and slightly more than that in ventilators. He said it is important to stay disciplined about social distancing and other wellness practices in order to not overwhelm Kentucky’s healthcare system. 

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